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The Mission of Divine Redeemer Lutheran School in partnership with parents is...

providing all students with a high quality, Christ-centered education while nurturing and equipping them to meet life’s challenges and opportunities as faithful servants of Jesus Christ.

About Divine Redeemer Lutheran School

Divine Redeemer Lutheran School is a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod based school. Students of Divine Redeemer Lutheran School are not required to be members of Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church. The strong Christian values taught by the school and the "Love and Logic" approach to discipline encourages and nurtures students as well as, helps them to develop morally, emotionally, academically, and spiritually regardless of their religious affiliation and denomination. Students from any religious affiliation/membership or students who have no religious affiliation are all welcome here.

Divine Redeemer Lutheran School provides a strong educational foundation for all of its students by promoting an excitement for learning through a challenging academic curriculum.  This rigorous curriculum, with more than thirty years of development and mastery, is well-proven by accreditation, exemplary status, state and national awards and yearly achievement test scores. Divine Redeemer students scored 96.4% cummulative for all subjects tested on their yearly achievement tests when compared to students across the nation taking the same test.  Alumni students prove the strength of this foundation as they proceed into the local high schools and national colleges or universities.  Alumni of Divine Redeemer often continue on as high school valedictorians and salutatorians.  The academic path is paved at the grade school level for continuing a high level of educational success through the constantly evaluated curriculum, innovative best practices, and a learning environment rich in high order thinking practices.  A rigorous, systematic approach to teaching allows a hands-on, creative environment that incorporates total participation techniques for all students.  Advanced technology is used by the highly professional and trained faculty to support the challenging curriculum as a relevant and productive resource.  Students experience an education designed to engage every student while developing their God-given talents.  Divine Redeemer helps students grow academically, socially, developmentally and spiritually by equipping them to develop a strong Christian world view in the 21st century.

Divine Redeemer Directions

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Make your child's first school experience a great one!

Divine Redeemer Lutheran School offers first through eighth grade classes as well as these early childhood programs: 

  • Infant I and Infant II Classes that include a certified teacher and play-based curriculum for the youngest of our learners! 
  • One Year Old "Hatchling Class"- Offered two, three, four or five morning or full-days for those that are becoming mobile and walking on their own!
  • Two Year Old "Eaglet" Class-  Offered two, three, four or five mornings or full-days and you get to choose the actual weekdays!
  • Three Year Old Preschool- Offered three mornings-a-week or five mornings-a-week & an all day option (two- five afternoons per week) is available for five morning-a-week students!
  • Four Year Old Kindergarten- Offered three mornings, five mornings, or five full-days

Divine Redeemer Lutheran School provides a strong educational foundation for all of its students by promoting an excitement for learning through a challenging academic environment. Our caring and fully certified teachers, curriculum enriched specials, strong athletic opportunities, excellent fine arts program, and state-of-the-art technology and resources, all offer an unsurpassed Christian Education in the Lake Country area.

Divine Redeemer Lutheran School, accredited through National Lutheran School Accreditation, presents ample opportunities for its students to develop their God given talents. Strong relationships between faculty and students are developed through small class sizes helping to sustain the academic, social, emotional and spiritual growth of each student. 

Divine Redeemer Lutheran School was awarded the very prestigious "Exemplary School Award" for 2015 by the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).

For new student information contact Tracey Markut.

"Building Strong Christian Leaders"