Mr. Dale Kleba
Phone:  262-367-3664 ext 205
Email: Dale Kleba

Mr. Kleba presently teaches one of Divine Redeemer’s 8th grade classes and has taught here for thirty plus years. He has always enjoyed working with young people and see’s God’s hand visibly active in guiding him in his teaching ministry. Dale received his teaching degree from Concordia University, St. Paul and has a Masters in Educational Administration from Concordia, University, Chicago- Illinois. Although he is best known for his teaching in the upper grades here at Divine Redeemer, he actually started teaching second, third and fourth graders in Memphis, Tennessee. Dale has witnessed many changes here at Divine Redeemer, in fact he can recall as the Athletic Director, when our basketball team was just starting, we were actually voted out of our conference because we weren’t “competitive” enough. Ironically, we won the boy’s Lutheran grade school state championship five times so far and are one of the boys National basketball champions!  Dale has two daughters, a son, and five grandchildren and enjoys participating in men's Bible study.  He enjoys spending quality time with his family and wife, Jennifer.

Watch for Mr. Kleba!  He often can be found ushering in church!