Spiritual Life

What makes Divine Redeemer different than the other excellent schools in Lake Country?  Our school is not only deeply committed excellence in education but just as importantly, we are committed to the spiritual life and development of our students.  We strongly desire to see Jesus working in and through our students, staff, and parents.  

How will you see Jesus working at Divine Redeemer?  While you will hear about Him in our religion classes, as you walk down the halls, maybe you will bump into one of our SOAR groups. These are student-led small groups that spend time in God’s Word as our students discuss what that Word means for their lives.  Maybe you’ll stop and hear one of our Pastors in a classroom as they teach the 8th graders the entire book of Acts.  You will also see Jesus in action through our students as older students begin to help gather younger students into their Chapel families to worship together every week.  While the students are at Chapel, they sing praise songs and hear teachers, local pastors, missionaries, and even their peers speak about their faith in Jesus.

The faith of our students is also active in acts of love and compassion in the multiple mission projects the entire school participates in throughout the year.  We have collected hundreds of jars of peanut butter and jelly for our local food pantry, we’ve purchased goats to help families in Haiti, we’ve raised money for actors to portray the Gospel message into other languages that haven’t had the Gospel spoken in their language before, and we have an ongoing partnership with an orphanage in Kenya that raises children as it scholarships them into different educational programming in their community.  These are just a few of the ways that our students can see Jesus working through their school! We are always exploring new and creative ways to spread the Gospel message of Jesus in this world.

Of course, our faith in Jesus is woven throughout our broader curriculum as well, but you can expect to hear Him through our Music Program, speak His words in Spanish in our Languages Program, see the beauty of His creation in our Art Program, and examine His intricate relationship to this world through our STEM opportunities and Physical Education Program.

In essence, our school is our family and we would love for you to consider joining us as our family walks together with yours to make sure that others in Lake Country can see Jesus also.  

Gods peace,
Pastor Seth

Every so often we get to celebrate another baptism into our family of faith. 

"Almighty and most merciful God and Father, we thank and praise You that You graciously grow Your family and have given your Word that these are your children, Lord. We ask You humbly that You would lead them to active membership in a Church throughout their lives that will disciple them in the teachings of Jesus."

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