Third Grade

Grade/Subject: 3rd Grade 

Teachers: Mrs. Caitlin McGaffick, Mrs. Katy Root,  Mrs. Katie Stoltenberg 

Third grade is an exciting year with growth in many subject areas. Students gain more independence and learn study skills. We also provide many fun ways for students to celebrate their learning such as Word Day and Math Madness. Most importantly we nourish their faith and help students continue to grow in God’s Word. In third grade there is an emphasis on learning about community. We enjoy going to a variety of plays offered by area theater groups. We also enjoy celebrating God’s creation by exploring Retzer Nature Center. 

1) Highlights- 

  • 3rd/4th Grade Musical - This is the first year 3rd graders participate in a musical at Divine Redeemer. Some students use their gift of acting and stage presence while others dance and sing! 
  • Word Day - Students choose a unique word and design a hat based on that word. We do a parade through the school and enjoy fun word activities all afternoon. 
  • Math Madness - Students partake in a friendly math tournament of multiplication facts. The final two compete in the last round! 
  • P.E. Demonstration Night - 3rd grade participates in P.E. Demonstration Night along with 1st, 5th, and 7th graders. Parents will enjoy coming to watch these grades present all they have learned and mastered in P.E. class with Ms. Anderson. 
  • Trade Fair Unit- Students work through a Small Business Plan packet to create their very own business!  They learn about the economy, supply and demand, and sales.  They take time to design their own business logos, products, and services.   We love watching the students' creativity come alive this project! 

2) Field Trips: 

  • LCL Spring Play
  • Cozy Nook Farms 
  • Discovery Farms
  • Retzer Nature Center 

3) Curriculum features - 

  • Math: Big Ideas. Focus on multiplication and division facts, rounding, multi-digit addition and subtraction, fractions, area and perimeter, measurement, and time.  We build on our previous understanding of math concepts and spend time practicing our math skills.  We use concepts and skill knowledge to work through different problem-solving tasks. 
  • Science: God’s amazing design of plants and animals, planets, the rock cycle, and weather/meteorologist unit. 
  • Social Studies: communities (rural, suburban, urban) levels of government, map unit, heritage unit, and small business projects/operations. 
  • Reading: Wonders Reading. We use an enriching curriculum with a variety of stories. We study one story a week. We also enjoy novel studies such as Muggie Maggie, Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Mouse on the Motorcycle, Ralph S. Mouse, and Charlotte’s Web. The teachers instill a love of reading by doing chapter book "read-a louds" daily and providing time for students to read independently throughout the day. 

4) Technology - Third grade is 1:1 iPads, they also have access to Chromebooks, and each classroom is equipped with a Promethean Board. 

5) Specials Available - Physical Education (P.E.), Art, Spanish, Music, Choir  

6) Extra-curriculars - Girls on the Run

7) Lunch: 11:15-11:45 AM

9) Recesses - Third grade has a forty minute recess after lunch each day, along with the fourth and fifth grade classes. We also have a fifteen minute recess in the late afternoon. 

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