Childcare Programs

Infant Room
Teacher: Ms. Erin TIMM
The Infant Room at Divine Redeemer is a language-rich, Christ-centered learning environment. Infants are provided with many opportunities throughout their day to develop language skills through teachers talking to and responding to them, reading, singing, and environmental language exposure. We daily share the message of God’s love with them through Jesus time which includes Bible stories, crafts and activities, and singing of children’s hymns. Infants are engaged in a variety of sensory-motor activities, such as tummy time, tumbling mats, water play, art activities, and many other sensory, gross and fine motor experiences. Weather permitting, we take the children outside everyday to observe and learn about God’s creation through stroller walks and safe outdoor play in the grass or snow. The majority of our day is spent gaining new experiences through play, but we operate around each infant’s individual feeding and sleeping schedule. Our newly built nap room is located within our classroom, so that infants have the ability to receive undisturbed sleep while others continue to play and learn. Our goal is to help grow the whole child, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually through love and play.

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Flex Class

The Flex Class is available for care, supervision, and nurturing for students whose schedules do not follow the schedules and programs offered through the regular school classes.

Highlights of this class include the following:

Mother’s Day Photo Booth – Our students have the opportunity to bring their mom during this special occasion and have their picture taken every year. A muffin and a coffee are served for a treat on this special day.

Field trips: We have virtual field trips in our class, examples would be a farm or a museum.

Math – Students solve math problems that have a meaningful life application. For example, a teacher may present a multiplication problem as an interesting story: “Andrea has 4 bags of candy. Each bag has 2 candies inside. How many candies does Andrea have altogether?”

Science – Students are provided with a sensory bin or basket with different items for the kids to explore, discover and ask questions. Like when we are learning about bugs and insects, we have a sensory table with different plastic insects and bugs and ask question like, what do you see? what do you think? I wonder if spiders have teeth?

Reading - Through read aloud stories and writing applications, students learn basic language skills and the alphabet. Students also have an opportunity to use magnetic letters, playdough letters, stencils, and alphabet tabs for letter and letter sounds identifications.

Social Studies – Students learn the importance of family, cultural traditions, community, safety and healthy habits. Activities would include a family collage, holiday celebrations and other activities based on a theme project to shape their attitudes as citizens of their classroom, school and larger community.

Technology – Technology is used to increase motivation, as students focus on enriching content that teaches important skills and concepts, through interactive games and educational software packages. Some of the apps that are used are Epic, YouTube, Super Book, and ABC Mouse.

What time is lunch hour?
Our lunch hour is at 11:45 AM
Recess is offered twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Students have the opportunity in an age appropriate playground and motor room.

Wrap-Around Care (WAC)Divine Redeemer Lutheran School offers Wrap-Around Care for families who need care beyond the school day, both before school beginning at 7:00AM, and after school until 6:00PM. Families can also take advantage of our Summer Day Camp and Summer Enrichment Camps, filled with friends and fun through creative exploration and discovery.

WAC is the before and after school program for Hatchlings, Eaglets, 3K and 4K students. Children who arrive before school often bring breakfast, and then they have free choice play time before the WAC teachers take them to their classroom at 8:00AM. After school we provide a healthy snack, free-choice play time, enrichment activities and plenty of fun with friends.

Before & After School Enrichment Camp (B.A.S.E. Camp)

At B.A.S.E. Camp, kindergarteners through 8th graders who arrive before school can choose to do homework, memory work, artwork or build with Legos. They can also choose to play structured group games with the teacher or create their own games with friends in the gymnasium. We pray together before sending them to class at 8:00. After-school, kids do a daily group devotion, enjoy a school-provided healthy snack, have dedicated quiet homework time, and then engage in enrichment activities with the teachers, such as art, STEM, team-building games, free-choice and Fun Food Fridays.

Summer Day Camp

Kids will love coming to Divine Redeemer for Summer Day Camp where they will enjoy time with their friends, doing summer fun activities that enrich their development without even knowing it! They’ll just think it’s FUN! Infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age kids participate in age-appropriate enrichment, including outdoor fun and exploration, creative expression, building and design, music and movement, independent and group reading, group games, and quiet time. Some time is structured but we also spend some time guiding the older kids to create their own fun. Snacks are provided by the camp, meals are provided by families.

Summer Enrichment Camps

Many of DR’s talented teachers offer week-long half-day camps for kids to explore new or favorite topics, such as athletics, cheerleading, scrapbooking, reading, math, art, bugs, and more!