Four Year Old Kindergarten (4K)

Grade: 4K 

Teachers: Kris Bahr, Cindy Stoltman 

Schedule Options Include:  3 day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
half or full day -or- 5 day (Monday- Friday) half or full day.

Half schedule: 8:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Full schedule:  8:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Wrap-around care available beginning 7 a.m. & ending 6 p.m

1)The 4K classrooms at DRLS offer a rich faith-filled learning environment. A loving atmosphere is provided to meet children’s social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual developmental needs. Our preschool program guides children in gaining healthy self-concepts and positive feelings about God and others. 

Our curriculum is a balanced approach of play based learning opportunities, and teacher directed lessons. In free choice play, children may choose from a variety age-appropriate equipment, materials, and activities, such as dramatic play, blocks, manipulative play, and the use of sensory materials. Children also have opportunities to work on gross motor skills through indoor and outdoor activities and play time. 

We highlight a “Letter of the Week” and incorporate many themes and special activity days to make learning exciting and fun (such as Fancy Day, Teddy Bear Day, Dot Day, Penguin Day, Hat Day, Sports Day… ) Songs, finger plays, stories, movement activities and crafts are also utilized to enhance the children’s learning. 

Throughout the school year the true meanings of holidays are taught and celebrated with activities like our Thanksgiving Feast with preschool and Kindergarten classes (with costumes, songs, and food), singing in our Christmas program, participating in an Easter egg hunt, and our end of the year/graduation service. 

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2) Field trips – Hartland fire station, Ebert’s Pumpkin Farm, Schauer Center to see a play, Reichl Orthodontics Office, Petting zoo/farm 

3) MATH- We use a variety of manipulatives and the Saxon K curriculum to introduce math concepts of number sense, numeration, whole number operations, fractions, money, geometry, measurement, patterns, data analysis, and algebra functions. In February, we celebrate the 100th day of school in a big way! 

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES-Our “Let’s Find Out” Weekly Readers offer us a variety of social studies and science themes, such as community helpers, seasons, weather, holidays, animals, plants, and ocean. Science experiments and STEM projects are also a highlight for the students. They have built rafts for the Gingerbread Man, created sturdy towers for Rapunzel, learned to clean pennies, and expanded their powers of observation! 

READING READINESS- Our balanced literacy approach uses big books, trade books, chart stories and songs to introduce letter identification formation and letter sounds. Skills also covered are comprehension, sequencing, rhyming , story elements, and high frequency words. Children are 

exposed to many genres (fiction, non-fiction and fairy tales) as they learn to enjoy good literature and reading! 

BIBLE TIME- Having been created as unique individuals by God, our religion program is designed to teach children to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to be able to tell others about Him, so that we all may have eternal life. We use the One in Christ curriculum where students hear daily bible stories, attend weekly chapel, learn how to pray, share the love of Jesus with others and praise God through songs. 

4) Technology – we use Promethean Boards in our classrooms for our Weekly Reader curriculum, for calendar, brain breaks and bible lesson videos 

5) No specials – we are able to get in the gym, library, and chapel once a week 

6) Electives – n/a 

7) Extra-curricular – n/a 

8) Lunch hour is at noon 

9) Recess – Part-time classes go out once in the morning, full day classes once in the morning and once or twice in the afternoon