3 Year Old Preschool (3K)

Grade : 3K 

Teachers: Mrs. Vicki Beversdorf, Mrs. Amber Curtis,                          Mrs. Heidi Bauer

Schedule Options Include:  2 full day (Tuesdays/Thursdays), 3 day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) half or full day -or- 5 day (Monday- Friday) half or full day.

Half schedule: 8:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Full schedule:  8:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Wrap-around care available beginning 7 a.m. & ending 6 p.m


1. Fancy Day, Exercise Day, Hat Day, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas program, Christmas party, Valentine’s Day party, Pirate Day, Pajama Day, 100th Day of School celebration, Field Day, Graduation program 

2. fire station, pumpkin farm, and petting zoo 

3. Play is the center of our 3K curriculum, and through play the children are introduced to the following concepts and experiences: 

In the religion curriculum, the students: 

  • identify themselves as God’s children and Jesus as their best friend. 
  • enjoy worship activities including weekly chapel services. 
  • understand that prayer is a way to talk to God. 
  • develop an understanding that the stories in the Bible are true. 
  • are taught that we all make mistakes (sin), but we are all forgiven through Jesus our Savior who died on the cross and rose again. 
  • praise God through singing, dancing and playing instruments. 

In the math curriculum, the students: 

  • are introduced to shapes, sorting, patterns, measuring, adding, and one to one correspondence. 
  • practice rote counting through thirty. 
  • begin to recognize numbers and their value up to ten. 

Language Arts 
In the language arts curriculum, the students: 

  • are introduced to the letters of the alphabet through a variety of songs, games, fingerplays, and hands-on activities 
  • develop and appreciation of books and literature. 
  • are introduced to a variety of authors and illustrators. 
  • realize the connection between language and words in print. 
  • develop listening and speaking skills. 
  • practice writing letters. 

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In the art curriculum, the students: 

  • are given the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials and media in order to express their creativity. 
  • develop listening and following direction skills while completing projects that coincide with the daily theme. 
  • strengthen fine motor muscles by using writing utensils, scissors, Playdoh, and painting with a variety of tools. 

Science and Social Studies 
In the science curriculum and social studies curriculum, the students will: 

  • develop an understanding that God has created our amazing world and how to care for it. 
  • participate in hands-on activities and experiments while learning about outer space, animals, plants and seeds, light and shadows, magnets, seasons, and the five senses. 
  • begin to understand calendars and charts. 
  • develop friendships and concern for others. 
  • become aware of and learn to follow rules. 
  • be introduced to using manners throughout the day. 

Large Motor Development 
In the area of large motor development, the students will: 

  • learn to importance of a healthy and physically fit body because it is a gift from God. 
  • practice hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, and body control. 
  • develop ball skills (throwing, catching, kicking, etc.) 
  • develop their balancing skills. 
  • learn to play games fairly, follow rules and use Christian sportsmanship. 

4. Technology – We use the Promethean boards in our classroom for Bible stories, games, singing, dancing, and informational videos that go along with the daily themes. 

5. We do not have specials, but we have free choice play in the Big Room each day. 

6. Electives – N/A 

7. Extra-curricular – N/A 

8. Lunch is at noon. 

9. Recess – Half-day students go outside every morning and full-day students go outside in the morning and after lunch.  Following their afternoon recess, these little learners relax for a quiet, rest time.