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Mrs.  Karen  Depenbrok
1st Grade / Teacher
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Karen Depenbrok ~ Some people seem to be blessed with the knowledge of knowing what they want to be when they grow up, right from an early age.   For some people, they never waiver from that plan.  Such has been the case with one of our 1st grade teachers- Mrs. Karen Depenbrok.  She knew she was destined to be a teacher from the beginning days of playing “school” in her make believe “classroom” at home.  She has always loved reading and was inspired to teach children how to read.  Her training began at the Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.  She has taught at schools in Monroeville and Savannah, Ohio and in Klein, Texas and Germantown, Wisconsin.  Mrs. Depenbrok has been teaching at Divine Redeemer Lutheran School for more than a decade and has become a much-loved member of the teaching staff.  In fact her first classroom at Divine Redeemer was located where the current church bookstore is now.   Her favorite thing is sharing with children the good news that Jesus loves us so much that He died for all of us, so that one day we will be in heaven with Him.  She also admits that she truly appreciates all the parent support she has received through the years.  Mrs. Depenbrok’s family includes her husband, Ed, a bank consultant, son- Josh and his wife, Audrey, and their daughter- Kristin.  Mrs. Depenbrok has been blessed with two wonderful grandchildren, Eliot and Cece.