Seventh & Eighth Grade Musical Was a Hit!
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Dear Edwina comes to life on stage!
Dear Edwina comes to life on stage!

This year's 7th & 8th Grade musical was filled with many laughs, clever songs, and many opportunities to applaud!  Under the direction of Mrs. Niki Cairns, a cast of 27 students presented the junior version of the musical, "Dear Edwina".  The musical was built around the story of a group of kids that offer some pretty funny and smart advise about everything from picky-eating, to guests who stay too long!  The musical was featured once to the student body, and twice to audiences looking for an evening of family-friendly fun!  Divine Redeemer's third and fourth graders will also be presenting a musical in the spring.  Watch the website for more information! 

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