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Schools of academic excellence are responsible to stay current and effective in the 21st century. Divine Redeemer Lutheran School offers students multiple forms of technology in the classroom to enhance the teacher's lessons. The use of hands-on experiences, field trips, text books, and other teaching strategies make DRLS a highly effective learning environment. Technology offered includes Interactive Whiteboards in every grade (preschool through eighth grade), hand-held NEO devices for younger students, lap top computers with mobile storage cart, an advanced computer lab, computer class, and Ipads for students in through eighth grade.  Technology is only as good as the teacher using it and Divine Redeemer teachers strategically implement the use of all technology to supplement their curriculums.  


Divine Redeemer Increases its use of Technology in the Classroom

Through a generous gift from an anonymous donor, Divine Redeemer Lutheran School received thirty-seven iPads and a Powersync tray and cart to store and charge them.  This gift gave the school the ability to begin the 1:1 initiative with iPads.  A 1:1 initiative means that each student at certain grade levels will have a technology device to utilize in the classroom.  Through research and study, the school's technology committee chose iPads as the device for this initiative.  The PTL assisted in purchasing iPads for each 1st - 8th grade teacher so that training and best practices for classroom use could be learned prior to the students using the devices. The two sixth grade classes were the first classes to start the iPad initiative.  Currently each student in third grade through eighth is equipped with their own iPad for use in the classroom.  Appropriate use of iPad technology in first and second grade is available but used as an additional resource to the hands-on learning that is so important to learning at this age.

Technology is often highlighted by school's as an invaluable resource, however it is the ability of the teacher using the technology to make it applicable, relevant, and productive in a way to bring learning to life!  Divine Redeemer Lutheran School's administration and teachers continually reevaluate all of the resources available to them to keep their curriculum current.